Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glorified with the Icewatch

Finally! Glorified with the Icewatch, right before Storm Legion. Well, it took a while. Especially because I got it by doing daily quests and fishing instead of running Abyssal Precipice. I got the Mountaineer costume and now I look like the honored Icewatch guards.

I even got that mount I fell in love with long time ago, but currently my transport is taken care of by the Landslide, so the Yarnosaur will wait for it's turn.

I also got the "Glorified" title, which is unlocked when you're glorified with Icewatch, Dragonslayer Covenant and the Order of Mathos.

Now I'll try to get the highest notoriety with Ember Isle factions, before Storm Legion comes.

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