Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Autumn Harvest is upon us!

Yes, the Autumn Harvest is upon us! And it's one of the best events this game has seen. At least I'm having a such a great time. The atmosphere, the quests and the friendship between factions makes it kinda special annual holiday.

For the first time in Rift, the event has taken place in a instanced zone, Realm of the Fae to be exact, now called Realm of the Autumn Harvest. Pumpkin decorations, spectral mounts as a reward, along with a vast selection of prizes such as costumes, pets and consumables.

The only thing I found hard, or didn't at all were the Autumncap Fungus. The fungi grows all around Telara, except for Iron Pine Peak and Stillmore. They're needed to complete a quest, but you need a really sharp eye and a bit of luck to find them.

And of course, there's a very special treat for artifact collectors!

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