Sunday, September 2, 2012

Storm Legion Updates from PAX 2012

New zone in Brevane

Trion attended this year's PAX and showed many, many new stuff from the upcoming Rift expansion Storm Legion. We were given sneak peaks from a new zone in the new continent of Dusken, called Fetid Planes where Crucia flies over. They also presented the new raid instance where the players will have the chance of facing Regulos. That place looked quite amazing!

Regulos Instance Raid called Endless Eclipse

Also, we peaked at Brevane (the other new continent coming in the expansion) and the Golem Foundry instance. For those who are waiting the Storm Legion beta, Trion announced that is coming soon and will be open for everybody, just like their Public Test Shard. PTS World Event dates hinted (or may not) that the expansion is coming on November 21th, yet nothing is confirmed. One thing is surely true, that Storm Legion is coming this fall and it will be HUGE.

Finally, Planar Attunement is becoming account wide and there was a T3 PA opened in the background on one of the videos!

 Fetid Planes

There are lot of screenshots from the video streams available at the forums. Credit goes to Slipmat and Sargonnas_KoA. You guys did an amazing job sharing these with all of us. Also, make sure you check out the actual videos from the PAX 2012:

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