Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some thoughts on the Autumn Harvest and the Spectral Mounts

The Autumn Harvest is over for me. Got everything I needed from the event vendor (the crow pet, the young treant pet and the hat) and I finally got the spectral mount. The Ash Strider, which I already have. Not the spectral version, but the 'standard' from a past world event.

I also filled a bank character with artifacts, donated a lot in the guild's bank and there's nothing really I want to do here anymore. I was a nice run, but I must admit, for the first time, that the prices weren't so special after all. The 'spectral' skin of the existing mounts seemed lazy and I only got it because I get (almost) everything from world events. It would be nice if we could've get something different and new, but it is what it is.

And it's time to make a short break from Rift until the next event hits in October. I'm sure Tempest Rising world event will be much more interesting, because it will pave the way to Storm Legion.

The Autumn Harvest has a great potential to become a solid annual event, but this one seemed more like a filler. Seemed so amazing in the beginning...

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