Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fae Yuling around Telara

Yes, I've been enjoy Storm Legion for the past month, I couldn't even come here and write how good it is, despite the flaws. So, what's going on? Fae Yule festival is here again and it's richer than last year. More daily quests, more prices and the whole atmosphere is totally awesome. It even returned me back in Meridian, to see my old NPC folks and to have snowball fights with my fellow Telarans and Ascended.

I got the festival cape, mount and one of the two pets - Dasher. Currently collecting snowflakes to get the second one, along with the nice 28 slot bag. I already have my Fae Yule goods from last year, so I'm saving for the new ones. 

Fae Yule is everywhere, even in the deserts of Ashora! Too bad Brevane and Dusken lacks a wintery zone. Already in Phase 2, the third one is coming soon. There are even subscriber bonuses starting from December 24th.