Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retrospective: Heroes of Telara

Greetings Ascended! The time has come to remove the dust off this blog and prepare for what we all waited - The Storm Legion expansion pack of our favorite MMORPG. And right before I start covering the hype I've been riding on since the first news were announced, let me take you back in time. Way back.

Before Rift, there was Heroes of Telara, the MMORPG Trion started developing in 2006. As Trion's developers were working on their brand new game, the story seemed to rapidly evolve. Dynamic content has been announced and worked on and some of the elements came to be the core lore for a slightly different game in the established world of Telara. What seemed to be a generic fantasy setting, with epic heroes battling evil force, transformed into a world torn by the Blood Storm and monsters from the Planes.

Heroes of Telara became Rift and turned out to be amazing. Both marketing and gameplay wise. Before Rift: Planes of Telara (early title of the re-branded, re-worked game) was preparing for release, Trion marketed Heroes. They've released promo materials, even attended E3 with that title. I've found few utterly nostalgic videos, that depicts the world we wander around today. Take a glimpse into a world that is so familiar, yet different.

Heroes of Telara E3 2009 Trailer
Russ Brown Heroes of Telara Interview
Han Hanlin Heroes of Telara Interview
Heroes of Telara: What do we know (Part I)
Heroes of Telara: What do we know (Part II)

Trion promised more Storm Legion news in September, coming along with 1.10 patch and the new world event. I'll be updating more often now, so keep an eye.


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