Saturday, September 29, 2012

The updated model for the Young Treant pet companion

Trion updated the model for the Young Treant, the pet companion from the Autumn Harvest event. Looks nice, it's "autumnish". :)

The hotfix for 1.10 yesterday also added a confirmation message when using the auto-sort bags feature. The popup has a checkbox to allow you to skip seeing it until the next time you log in.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some thoughts on the Autumn Harvest and the Spectral Mounts

The Autumn Harvest is over for me. Got everything I needed from the event vendor (the crow pet, the young treant pet and the hat) and I finally got the spectral mount. The Ash Strider, which I already have. Not the spectral version, but the 'standard' from a past world event.

I also filled a bank character with artifacts, donated a lot in the guild's bank and there's nothing really I want to do here anymore. I was a nice run, but I must admit, for the first time, that the prices weren't so special after all. The 'spectral' skin of the existing mounts seemed lazy and I only got it because I get (almost) everything from world events. It would be nice if we could've get something different and new, but it is what it is.

And it's time to make a short break from Rift until the next event hits in October. I'm sure Tempest Rising world event will be much more interesting, because it will pave the way to Storm Legion.

The Autumn Harvest has a great potential to become a solid annual event, but this one seemed more like a filler. Seemed so amazing in the beginning...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glorified with the Icewatch

Finally! Glorified with the Icewatch, right before Storm Legion. Well, it took a while. Especially because I got it by doing daily quests and fishing instead of running Abyssal Precipice. I got the Mountaineer costume and now I look like the honored Icewatch guards.

I even got that mount I fell in love with long time ago, but currently my transport is taken care of by the Landslide, so the Yarnosaur will wait for it's turn.

I also got the "Glorified" title, which is unlocked when you're glorified with Icewatch, Dragonslayer Covenant and the Order of Mathos.

Now I'll try to get the highest notoriety with Ember Isle factions, before Storm Legion comes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I, Stormbringer!

I got the Storm Chaser edition of Storm Legion! Got the title, the Landslide mount and a bunch of other stuff like the Veteran rewards. I'm ready to face Crucia's army now!

Seriously, this seemed like a very nice deal. I will play Rift for a year anyhow, so the 12-month subscription + an expansion for free is awesome.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taiwanese Rift Trailers

Rift was released in Taiwan and they got some amazing promotional videos, slightly different from those targeted to US and EU markets. Check them out.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Bear Mount in Storm Legion

Around 14 minutes of the Tempest Soul Reveal video, a new armored bear mount was shown. It was just a tease, so we're waiting for a new info. 

Soon Trion will reveal the two remaining new souls - The Defiler and the Tactician, so I'm sure there will be more teasers of Storm Legion goodies.

The Autumn Harvest is upon us!

Yes, the Autumn Harvest is upon us! And it's one of the best events this game has seen. At least I'm having a such a great time. The atmosphere, the quests and the friendship between factions makes it kinda special annual holiday.

For the first time in Rift, the event has taken place in a instanced zone, Realm of the Fae to be exact, now called Realm of the Autumn Harvest. Pumpkin decorations, spectral mounts as a reward, along with a vast selection of prizes such as costumes, pets and consumables.

The only thing I found hard, or didn't at all were the Autumncap Fungus. The fungi grows all around Telara, except for Iron Pine Peak and Stillmore. They're needed to complete a quest, but you need a really sharp eye and a bit of luck to find them.

And of course, there's a very special treat for artifact collectors!

Check out what else 1.10 brought to the table.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Storm Legion quests in Iron Pine Peak

Well, the release date and the new trailer for Storm Legion are all over the net these days. And I'm sure everybody has seen it. Next week, Trion will release their 1.10 patch, the first one to lead into the new story.

For me, seemed like a great time to catch up with the story in Iron Pine Peak, because I had some quest left behind. It turned out, the quests leading me to Glorified notoriety (which I'm planning to get before the expansion, along with the Mountaineer's costume set) with the Icewatch are directly connected to Crucia's Frozen Army. A quest chain has led me right into the Howling Caves where her Arbiters are frozen into the walls.

According to PTS info, 1.11 World Event connects Vanilla Rift to Storm Legion. And the Icewatch are those who are keeping Crucia imprisoned deep below the frozen mountains in Iron Pine. Before those event quests hit, you can go reveal more of her story there, if you haven't already.

Slayer of Immortals, Eye of the Storm and The Frozen Army are just few of the quests you may get in Defender's Stand. Seems we'll be seeing much more of those nasty Arbiters in Storm Legion, so it's better to be prepared.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Storm Legion Updates from PAX 2012

New zone in Brevane

Trion attended this year's PAX and showed many, many new stuff from the upcoming Rift expansion Storm Legion. We were given sneak peaks from a new zone in the new continent of Dusken, called Fetid Planes where Crucia flies over. They also presented the new raid instance where the players will have the chance of facing Regulos. That place looked quite amazing!

Regulos Instance Raid called Endless Eclipse

Also, we peaked at Brevane (the other new continent coming in the expansion) and the Golem Foundry instance. For those who are waiting the Storm Legion beta, Trion announced that is coming soon and will be open for everybody, just like their Public Test Shard. PTS World Event dates hinted (or may not) that the expansion is coming on November 21th, yet nothing is confirmed. One thing is surely true, that Storm Legion is coming this fall and it will be HUGE.

Finally, Planar Attunement is becoming account wide and there was a T3 PA opened in the background on one of the videos!

 Fetid Planes

There are lot of screenshots from the video streams available at the forums. Credit goes to Slipmat and Sargonnas_KoA. You guys did an amazing job sharing these with all of us. Also, make sure you check out the actual videos from the PAX 2012: