Sunday, October 7, 2012

That quiet place in Moonshade Highlands

Telara is crowded. In fact, too much crowded. All zones seemed overrun by various mobs and empty areas are quite rare. Areas when you can open your book collection and read about The Day the Rifts Came, listen to the environment sounds and enjoy peaceful music. I really hope Storm Legion will "fix" this and explorers like myself will have something to fill their hearts.

While on my Endless Saga quests, I found a place in Moonshade Highlands that I simply couldn't remember. Although I got the Every Nook and Cranny achievement over a year ago and explored Moonshade the first time I stepped there, this place was new to me. Some quests I missed (or can't remember) might lead there, but I was empty when I got there. No mobs, no NPCs, just a lonely artifact.

The views are just perfect,  especially if you take your time to stand on that old bridge.

While on the bridge, I noticed something. It looked like a house, so I decided to see what's there. Naturally, I jumped and died instantly. There's some sort of a cave entrance, covered in spider web. Unfortunately. my Soul Walk was on a cooldown that I couldn't wait, so I respawned in the center of Moonshade. Until my next visit, this place will remain mystery to me. 

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