Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glorified with the Dragonslayer Covenant

Being a "resident" of Shimmersand for the past few days, I grinded my way to a Glorified notoriety with my favorite Rift faction - the Dragonslayer Covenant.

The Dragonslayer Covenant was formed as an order of Telarans, primarily Eth and Bahmi, sworn to keep watch over the dragon cults and prevent the release of their false gods. We may not have agreed with the methods of the sorcerer-kings, but we embrace Ethian technology in our methods of doing so. Even after Shimmersand fell into chaos, our order persevered.

In the days preceding the Mathosian Civil War, our order uncovered evidence that Prince Aedraxis Mathos had been consorting with Regulos. The leader of the Covenant sent our most adept mage to warn Aedraxis's brother, Zareph. When the Ward was damaged, death and horror spread over the land in a choking cloud, and we Dragonslayers lost many of our finest trying to defend the people of Telara.

The Dragonslayer Covenant has spent the last twenty years trying to rebuild ourselves after that tragic event. Our organization has existed for hundreds of years, and it will see many more.

I was rewarded with the Drake Slayer title and I will proudly wear my Sandcovered set.

Today was a fun day for me in Telara. I also got my Tier 2 Attunement of Fire and now I will be spending points in the Attunement of War.

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