Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happened to the Shadowlands?

When Trion announced Storm Legion and it's two new continents people were asking many questions. One of the most discussed topic on the official forums was the destiny of a the Planetouched Wilds. The Wilds were a zone included in the early map, east of Droughtlands. There is even videos of it, but no sign that we will roam there in near future. Trion said they were stopping the development of Planetouched Wilds and that we won't be seeing it in Storm Legion.

But there is even more mysterious place in Telara that might be stuck into development hell or completely canceled. Have you ever heard about the Shadowlands? There is even an early video of it, you can check it right here. What happened? Is Freemarch the updated Shadowlands? Is Stillmoor Shadowlands?! Part of the geography really looks like Stillmoor. Despite the low quality of the video (the color is abysmal), it looks freaking awesome on the screenshots I found.

Whatever happened to the Shadowlands, that place looked cool. The trees are giving a whole new atmosphere to the game, especially if this was meant to be a starting zone for the Defiant. And I'm sure the tree models and coloring was used in some Death Rifts, at least similar coloration.

I don't really think that we'll ever see Shadowlands, but as a part of Rift's history it's a good thing to document. I guess this was an early work of the game previously called Heroes of Telara. However, any info is welcomed, even more screenshots and videos.

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