Saturday, October 13, 2012

One month to Storm Legion

Time seems to pass slowly, yet we're at one month to the Storm Legion expansion. 4 new souls, 10 more levels and two massive continents will be available exactly one month from now. And of course, Dimensions.

As a casual-to-hardcore player I achieved most of the things I wanted in Rift. Did some raiding for fun and progression (never completed Hammerknell, though), completed most of the story quests I wanted, got my notoriety with the three biggest factions besides Ember Isle and collected tons of artifacts and companions.

I also never set foot in Infernal Dawn and I really hope I will drag my casual ass there before Storm Legion hits. I have my Endless Saga left incomplete, and notoriety with factions like the Runeguard. Although I wanted to complete all the quests I could find, seems impossible now with my tight spare time.

Storm Legion will offer a ton of new things to do. I won't be rushing to level 60. My plan is to take things slowly, enjoy questing, stories, crafting and clear the zones one by one. At least my main character will be leveled this way. I have one year subscription and I wouldn't like to sniff up the content the first month.

I really hope Storm Legion will bring some fresh blood to Telara. More populated zones means more fun, both on PvE and PvP shards, especially PvP shards because most of them seems kinda deserted. And I must say the lack of new Warfront announcement makes me kinda nervous. We got trailers, previews, live events about almost anything, except the PvP goods. Conquest is just not enough. It's a different approach to PvP, maybe even less enjoyable then "classic" Warfronts to me. Although now Guardians and Defiants are at some kind of truce, I hope Trion will find a way to get these factions to combat for some cause.

If dreams come true, let us have some lore dose in the form of comics, books and other merchandise. I know Rift has a small market, but give us something special. Give us something that will take out the game out of our computers.

And please freeze me in carbonite until the Storm comes.

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