Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tempest Rising, Corgi Rifts and other 1.11 rants

Tempest Rising, the 1.11 patch update is here, bringing many 'stormy' changes to the world and the game in general. Besides the new World Event that eliminated the grind of currency, 1.11 also brought major overhauls to all Callings and Souls.

To be honest, I've never been unhappy with Rift before. Never, ever. Over the past year and a half, or let's say, two years, people ranted about everything. PvP, endgame, Souls, balance, story - everything. I never had anything to "qq" about, I accepted every change as a part of an ever evolving game. Well, until now.

It isn't the first time Trion is changing the souls. But when my main character is almost unplayable, yes, I have a problem. I played 51 Pyromancer / 15 Warlock / 0 Archon. Since I enjoy playing solo, especially on locations such as Ember Isle when survivability is crucial, I was a Reconstruct (ab)user. Reconstruct was one of the most used spells by my dear old Mage. A spell that can return a portion of HP in exchange for Charge? Neat boost for a solo player, isn't it? They also removed Flame Jet, which was a blast for PvP.

At the moment, I'm still trying to get this 51 Pyromancer to work fine. The Combust is fine, but doesn't add up for the lost spells. It isn't just a change I need to adapt to, it's a totally different gameplay that doesn't fit my style at all. I'll try to find a decent replacement, but it's not everything about DPS. I like Fire, I like playing my Pyromancer with total control. I don't want to roll an Elementalist or a Stormcaller. Luckily, the Chloromancer isn't changed that much, still works fine in Library of the Runemasters.

Now, I'll wait and see what will Storm Legion brings to the Pyromancer when all the spells are available. I will be playing the Harbinger too, of course, but the Pyro is still in my focus. Until then, it's time for a break for regularly playing. I'll login just for the World Event quests and that's all.

And yes, Corgi Rifts. Spend few hours opening Life Rifts with a raid group and guildies. Had fun for few hours and got the title and achievement. Probably the most positive thing in Tempest Rising so far. Other than that, I personally think this is the worst patch ever. Sorry, Trion.


  1. You lost 2 spells and claim its the worst patch ever? Grow up. I play a pyro mage and sure, I miss those abilities but it's not like I can't have fun anymore. MMOs change, if one spell defined your entire enjoyment of the game then you probably weren't invested in the game to begin with. I'm very happy indeed with this content patch which brings a ton of stuff you're totally overlooking.

  2. I still haven't found a warrior build that I can use. Might just have to move on, as I don't have loads of free time for attempting to figure out where I'm going wrong. Also, to the dork above, just because you're happy with it doesn't mean every has to be. STFU and go play.


      Its easy to play and pulls stupidly high numbers when fully raid buffed, hitting around 4.8 - 5k in a mixture of tier 1 / 2 gear.

    2. What are you talking about? There's lots of viable Warrior builds. You obviously haven't looked on the forums or believe that a 1 button macro rotation is the only you can play.