Saturday, April 14, 2012

Questing in the Flatyard

I've been doing some previously missed quests in Shimmersand, towards my completion of Banishing the Mirage and Dragonslayer notoriety. My journey took me to a place called the Flatyard. The Flatyard is a prison that holds inmates from the Dragon cults.

I stumbled upon the sands in the Flatyard through a quest from Sylver Valis where I suppose to discover the inmates' escape route and what they actually do. Next thing I know, I'm disguised as an inmate doing some dirty work in the prison yard. Supplying my "fellow" inmates with 'Sigaras' (I guess the Rift's equivalent to cigarettes), proving myself by killing other inmates and dealing with gangs. Just the usual stuff that goes on in jail, right?

As you progress with the quest line, you discover the secret hideout of Prince Hazeed, the last of the line of Ethian Kings and current leader of the Golden Maw. A plot to kill Asha Catari unfolds before you and you're faced with a challenge to kill Hazeed. When you complete the quests and deal with Hazeed you're awarded with the Doing Time achievement.

After you're done with him, there's an even bigger conspiracy waiting for you in Forture Shore, as you track down an assassin that reveals more about the plan to kill Asha Catari.

Such enjoyable quests and story, one of my favorites in the whole game.

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