Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fresh HK Run Before 1.8

Last night, our guild, Spears of Destiny made a Hammerkneel Fortress run. If 1.8 comes today on EU shards, this is the last HK run before every trace of the Carnival is gone.

 We had fun a time, around 3 and a half hours, killing 6 bosses. We stopped after Vladmal Prime and we're continuing on Sunday with Grugonim. All bosses went down smoothly, except Sicaron. He's has a stunningly cool mechanics and very simple tactic to follow, yet we somehow managed to wipe couple of times. Sicaron dropped the Cowl of Blackest Night, which I was lucky enough to get, significantly increasing my stats. Other loot I got my hands on, is the Maddening Flame wand from Estrode.

Thanks to every Ascended in Spears of Destiny for the great run, especially those with iron patience who successfully guided us through the depths of the Hammerkneel Fortress. See you all on Sunday!

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