Friday, April 13, 2012

CotA Phase 6: War of the Wanton Maw

The Carnival of the Ascended is coming to an end. Phase 6 started just yesterday, with new quests and challenges for the defenders of Telara. This is also the last chance to get a Pyrite Doubloon for the Carnival mounts. New currency is also introduced, dropping from Fire and Earth Rifts.

Scaidantus and Duke Ryras on the border of Shimmersand and Droughlands

The main event quest is to fight back against Fire and Earth invasions in the zone events. This can be done in many zones, suiting the player's level.

Other event quests are also available.

Closing the Doorway (Daily)
  • Close a Fire Rift that would grant experience.
  • Close an Earth Rift that would grant experience.
Planar Menace (Group)
  • Confront Fire Lord As'tano in Freemarch/Silverwood.
  • Kill Fire Lord As'tano and Earth Lord Vorzet (both elite)
 Wanton Enemies (Daily - Raid)
  • Kill Scaidantus
  • Kill Duke Ryras

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