Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storm Legion: Cape Jule Journey (with screenshots)

Yes, Storm Legion is finally here! It's massive, has breath-taking zones and it's full of old and new people! Trion made one of the best expansions ever. Bravo!

I'm going to be leveling my character zone by zone. There is a lot to explore and I have no reason to rush. I've spent these days in Cape Jule, a lush rainforest on the Brevane continent. That's the zone I choose to start my journey and I completed all the Carnage and Normal quest and got the achievement for both.

The main settlement in Cape Jule (or city) is Tulan. You can find the trainer for crafting there as well as the ship that takes you to the new capital - Tempest Bay. Tulan has astonishing design, but it's only a partial of what you're about to see in other zones.

Without spoiling the story in Cape Jule, here's a part of my journey presented with screenshots. Hit Read More below to see the beauty of Cape Jule.

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