Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to get the best achievement in City Core

Rusted Entertainers 

I was 'carnaging' (is this how we call it now?) around City Core when I came across a gazebo and there was a band of rusted guys hitting their drums, playing some weird music. Yes, I tried to kill them and I got the funniest achievement in City Core and Storm Legion so far. And I don't even just go around killing bands in video games. It even comes with a 'Killjoy' title.

 Location of the Rusted Entertainers

So, how do you get this awesome 'I Didn't Like What They Were Playing Anyway' achievement. Go to City Core (7233, 9173) and locate this rusty band. After you kill their last member, you will be known as the Killjoy. Gratz.

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