Saturday, May 3, 2014

Warfronts are still awesome

Although, World PvP seems dead now (it hasn't been quite alive even before Storm Legion), I really like what have become of the Warfronts. These new control point (paths?) mods are just amazing. I never been a hardcore PvP player, but I had the pre-SL PvP endgame gear. Not saying that my PvP skills were perfect, but I was able to help the team I played for a lot. Rift offered me one of the best PvP experiences in MMO. To this day, the Codex is still my favorite Warfront. Even if the PvP in Rift was never 100% balanced, it is still extremely enjoyable.

So, I popped Favor/Prestige Veteran vials today and here I am. Trying out the Warfronts, blasting my pyrospells around. Currently my rank is 45 and my gear is a complete crap and I hope I can change that in the future. There are some very good players now, with nice gear and practiced skill and matches can be quite challenging.

I also enjoyed Conquest "back in the days" and can't wait to try the new one in Steppes of Infinity.

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